A small arcade game I have been coming back to every now & again.

jack, a garbage man from the year 2140 a.d returns home (to earth) from his weekly load only to find out that the earth is being taken over by something called mother, an a.i that was communicating with the metallic vampires from outer space!

WASD for movement

Enter on the menu to start the game

Hold spacebar over a bomb to pick it up and let go of spacebar while running to throw a bomb, bomb's throw speed is based on your players speed, so the faster you run the farther your bomb will go.

The point of this little project at the moment is to throw the bombs off the skyscraper and earn points, though I am currently in the process of adding traps, bomb types, difficulty progression & some bosses with different attacks.

If you have the time let me know what you think ?

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